15-year-old recovering from heart surgery diagnosed with EDS

Posted April 25, 2016

At 15-years-old-and in the past few months-his life has been turned upside down. Adam Inzauro is recovering from a vascular surgery of his aorta, being malnourished, and being diagnosed with a rare tissue disorder.

He will fight it the rest of his life.

“We never knew about it before but now that we know, we have to be careful,” Adam Inzauro chuckles.

Adam hasn’t lost his laugh despite two months of unbelievable health issues.

“He was complaining of lower pain in his back and he came out into the hallway and he was crying because of pain,” said Adam’s dad, Tony.

Tony says they rushed his son to the emergency room. Adam had an aneurysm and underwent heart surgery. He spent 36 days in the hospital…with his family by his side.

“They had some super cool stuff in there but it was super boring,” Adam said.

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