2018 EDS Global Conference Speakers

Updated as of June 21, 2018. These speakers are confirmed to present; others have been invited and once confirmed will be added. Please understand speakers and sessions are subject to change.

Qasim Aziz, MBBS, FRCP, PhD — “Understanding Gastrointestinal Involvement and EDS/HSD”

Noah Baerman — Zebra Ball

Natalie Blagowidow, MD — “OB/GYN and EDS/HSD”

Joan L. Blomquist, MD — “Urology Management in EDS/HSD”

Maggie Buckley — “Tips and Tricks for First Time Conference Attendees and the Newly Diagnosed” and “Psychological Management and Involvement with EDS/HSD”

Pradeep Chopra, MD, MHCM — “How to Manage Pain and EDS/HSD”

Heidi Collins, MD — “Managing Life With Gastrointestinal Symptoms”

Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT, DAIPM — “External Focus Exercise”

Anne De Paepe, MD, PhD — “History of EDS Genetics”

Jeannie Di Bon, MA, PMA-CPT — “How Can Pilates Help My EDS/HSD Symptoms?”

Clair Francomano, MD — “EDS: An Understanding” (Hypermobility Plenary Session)

Rodney Grahame CBE, MD, FRCP, FACP, FRSA — “EDS: My First 50 Years”

Alan Hakim, MA, FRCP — “Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders” (Hypermobility Plenary Session)

Fraser Henderson, Sr., MD — “Understanding Neurology and Headaches in EDS/HSD”

Tawanna Kane — “How Can Mindfullness Help My EDS/HSD Symptoms?”

Antonie Kline, MD — “Hypermobility in Children” (Hypermobility Plenary Session)

Petra Klinge, MD — “Managing Life with Neurological Symptoms”

Anne Maitland, MD, PhD — “Managing Life with Mast Cell Symptoms” and “Understanding Mast Cells and EDS”

John Mitakides, DDS, DAACP — “Managing Life with TMJ Symptoms” and “Understanding TMJ”

Alan Pocinki, MD, FACP — “Managing Life with Fatigue”

Tom Query, MDiv, LPC — Caregivers (discussion group)

Cathy Raggio, MD — “Orthopedic Considerations with EDS/HSD”

Satish R. Raj, MD, MSCI, FRCPC — “Understanding Autonomic Dysfunction and EDS”

Ann Rodiger, M.AmSAT — “How Can Alexander Technique Help My EDS/HSD Symptoms?”

Jon Rodis — “Social Security Disability”

Peter Rowe, MD — “Managing Life with Autonomic Symptoms”

Leslie Russek, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS — “How Can Physical Therapy Help My EDS/HSD Symptoms?”

Jordan Tishler, MD — “An Evaluation of the Use of Cannabis in EDS with Chronic Pain”

Shani Weber — “Coordination of Care” and “Building Your Team”

Rarer Types Day (Sunday)

Natalie Blagowidow, MD: Pregnancy and Planning a Family

Peter Byers, MD — “Emergency Room Medicine”

Heidi Collins, MD — “Gastrointestinal”

Anne De Paepe, MD, PhD — “A Genetic Overview”

Ellen Elias, MD — “Life Planning with EDS for Children (Child Protection)”

Clair Francomano, MD — “Life Planning with EDS for Adults”

John Mitakides, DDS, DAACP — “Dental Manifestations”

Cathy Raggio, MD — “Orthopedic Surgical Considerations”

Leslie Russek, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS — “Pain Management”

Sherene Shalhub, MD, MPH, FACS – “Vascular Monitoring and Surgery”

Eric L. Singman, MD, PhD — “Ocular Complications”

Shani Weber — “Preparing For Yout Appointment and Putting Together a Medical Team”

Medical Professionals Day (Sunday)

ALL CARE IS LOCAL: Identifying and Managing EDS in a Clinical Setting

Natalie Blagowidow, MD — “Pregnancy and EDS”

Peter Byers, MD – “When to Involve a Geneticist”

Joan L. Blomquist, MD — “Explanations for Bladder Issues”

Lara Bloom — “The Clinician’s Role in the Patient’s Journey to Diagnosis: A Patient’s Perspective”

Heidi Collins, MD — “Explanations for GI Issues”

Heidi Collins, MD & Sherene Shalhub,MD, MPH, FACS — “Emergency Room Medicine/Acute Presentations”

Ellen Elias, MD — “Pediatic Presentations”

Clair Francomano, MD — “EDS: Explanation and Understanding”

Alan Hakim, MA, FRCP — “Overview of Clinical Presentation,” “Behavioral Aspects of EDS: Why is this person so anxious?” and “Fatigue Management”

Leslie Russek, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS — “Basic Principles of Physical Therapy and Pain Management”

Sherene Shalhub,MD, MPH, FACS — “Anesthetic and Surgical Risks in People with EDS”