Adam Sherman, RN, BSN

Clair Francomano, MD

Registered Nurse (USA)

Adam Sherman earned his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing from Oakland Community College in Waterford, MI and continued on to complete his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. He has been licensed as a registered nurse since January 2016 and strives to contribute as much as he can to patient care within his limitations living with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. He explains that, otherwise, “it would be quite a waste of a BSN.”

His passion for knowledge and helping others led him to the creation of this webinar in hopes to synthesize research, standard knowledge, and common sense to explore how biological, anatomical, environmental, and psychosocial differences can create unique challenges for males built with the connective tissue of EDS/HSD. Adam’s goal is to raise awareness, trigger greater discussion, offer suggestions for improving patient and self-care, and perhaps make our male zebras feel a little less alone.

Adam grew up in Glendora, CA and feels honored to currently reside in Bloomfield, MI with cats Sasha and Shlomo who graciously give him the privilege of living with them.