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Annabelle’s Challenge Vascular EDS Charity

Bury, United Kingdom

+44-8009-178495 https://www.annabelleschallenge.org/ https://www.instagram.com/annabelleschallenge

About this Group

Annabelle’s Challenge aims to promote awareness and medical research into the rare, life-threatening and incurable genetic condition Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (vascular EDS). The charity supports children and adults touched by vascular EDS.

In addition to tirelessly campaigning for research and funding for vascular EDS, the charity works closely with the EDS National Diagnostic Service, a highly specialised service commissioned by NHS England with clinics based in Sheffield and London.

At Annabelle’s Challenge our aims are simple:

To improve the quality of life and access to support for children, adults and families affected by vascular EDS.

Working with medical professionals at the forefront of diagnosis and testing, we are committed to education and research, to one day find treatments and ultimately a cure.

It is our aim to be the most professional, caring, and inclusive organisation, working collectively and individually to continuously meet the needs of all our families, members, volunteers, and associates.

Meeting Schedule

View upcoming support group meetings: https://www.annabelleschallenge.org/support-groups

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