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Eastside EDS

Washington, United States

https://eastsideeds.org https://www.instagram.com/EastsideEDS

About this Group

Eastside EDS is a registered 501c(3) that provides education, awareness, and advocacy to local Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients, providers, and families.  In our twice-monthly support meetings, we advocate for each other, as well as offer suggestions for ways to live in our bodies. In addition, we have a provider portion of every meeting that introduces the attendees to various disciplines that may be able to help, or at least understand, our challenges.

Eastside EDS partners with top medical professionals to develop continuing education opportunities.Additional support is provided for our local medical professionals through the creation and distribution of educational materials they can give patients, outlining some available support.

Meeting Schedule

Second Saturday of the month from 2pm-4pm.

Third Sunday of the month from 1pm-3pm.

  • Support Group
  • Charity Organization
  • Affiliate
  • This group holds in-person meetings
  • This group holds in-person support groups

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