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House of Hypermobility – Specialist HSD / hEDS Nutrition & Lifestyle support group

United Kingdom

https://lornaryanhealth.com/house-of-hypermobility https://www.instagram.com/houseofhypermobility

About this Group

House of Hypermobilty is a group support & education platform of Lorna Ryan Health, an HSD / EDS specialist Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine practice. Run by Lorna Ryan, HSD / EDS specialist clinical Nutritionist, HOH is an extension of patient care.

About House of Hypermobility:

Lorna appreciates how hard it is to access expert guidance around nutrition & lifestyle medicine when barriers of engaging in clinical consultations exist, so she founded House of Hypermobility (HOH) in 2020 to offer her expertise in free & affordable group sessions.

About HOH Group Support Sessions: 

HOH provides a safe environment to obtain accurate educational information and access qualified, experienced, specialist support relating to Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Hypermobility, Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (hEDS/HSD).

Support Sessions include conversational Q&A, group support discussion & expert educational talks on hypermobililty, hEDS and common co-morbidities including GI concerns, Dysautonomia, pain, fatigue & Mast Cell Disorders

How HOH supports the HSD / EDS community:

  • One mission of HOH – to help those live well with HSD & hEDS.
  • Providing expert guidance for those with barriers to private practice care.
  • Provides a safe space to share difficulties around diet & nutrition.

Who is welcome to join HOH:

  • Adults 18 yrs+ internationally with suspected or diagnosed HSD / hEDS.
  • Parents / guardians of children under 18 with suspected or diagnosed HSD / hEDS.

Meeting Schedule

Support & education sessions are held monthly to suit international time zones.

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  • This group holds virtual support groups

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