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Maryland EDS and HSD Support Group

Maryland, United States

About this Group

The Maryland EDS and HSD Support Group welcomes everyone who suspects or has a type of EDS, HSD, and related conditions and their family members. Our group meets quarterly, usually in Ellicott City. We provide EDS and HSD experts and other knowledgeable speakers at our meetings. We have social get-togethers and other opportunities in between, scattered around the state which gives group members the opportunity to have fun with others who really “get it”.

Our Maryland EDS and HSD Support Group provides a Google Group for members to discuss local resources, maintains a Doctors List, and has a teen group. We welcome you and those you love to learn how to live better with EDS and HSD and make lots of friends in the process. If you would like to learn more or would like to join the Maryland EDS and HSD support group, please email Shani and Jill at [email protected].

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