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Santa Fe Hypermobility Meetup

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

+1 505-310-0662 https://www.lightspiritstudio.com/hypermobility

About this Group

You’re not alone!

The need is great for those who are impacted by hypermobility disorders to know that they’re not alone. Come meet with others to compare experiences and useful information.

Everyone is welcome.

No diagnoses are necessary to join the group; everyone is welcome. Some of our participants are formally diagnosed with EDS. Some are seeking evaluation. Most are with us to learn more, having realized that diagnosis might help explain and/or properly treat other known health issues that frequently arise alongside hypermobility whether or not the hypermobility itself is an obvious or significant health issue for them.

Certain classes and events may be reserved for those with chronic pain in the interest of keeping those events comfortable and focused. Others are open to the public. Greater awareness would help everyone a lot!


I (leading the group) am a massage therapist with growing experience working with hypermobile clients. I notice that although there is much needed discussion of what is potentially harmful with EDS with respect to bodywork, it’s hard to find info on how to work with EDS, HSD, and generally hypermobile clients safely and also effectively. I have been building a series of classes to help current clients also work more effectively at home address common pain complaints such as sacral and low back pain and instability, chronic headaches and migraines. These are open to the public and free for now.

Health Professionals

Health professionals are especially invited to join us. Our participants are eager to talk with you especially if you’re curious and want to grow your mastery working with patients in this area. We’re looking for local providers who know how to work with the whole picture of EDS, HSD, and associated disorders such as POTS & dysautonomia, MCAS, mobility issues, autoimmune disorders, etc. If you’re not yet familiar with EDS, HSD, or the rest of the cluster, this is your opportunity to compare and contrast side by side how these little known conditions differently express in different bodies.

We’ll be partnering soon with an emerging local network of EDS/hypermobility aware providers who want to grow their understanding of how to work well with the conditions. I’ll link that info here as soon as it’s available; call in the meantime if you want to be linked pronto when it arrives.

Meeting Schedule

We are only just beginning to meet. At present this is generally on a weekday evening toward the end of the month. Occasionally there will be a daytime class offering midmonth as well. I’m open to suggestions and requests with respect to time and place. Space is limited at present, so please RSVP by phone and I’ll give you location info then.

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