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Sofias Helping Hand Corp

National - US, United States

+1-954-918-1584 https://www.sofiashelpinghand.com https://www.instagram.com/sofiashelpinghand https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRcQWXcogpk9JX5rNKzCaA

About this Group

People with EDS, MCAS, POTS, EOE, Syringomyelia, and Scoliosis are often unheard or overlooked. I want to bring attention to these disorders and make sure that kids that struggle with these disorders or other invisible disorders are not in it alone. I work hard on educating people of these disorders, and I am currently participating in clinics related to these disorders to help find answers and maybe one day a cure.

I started this non-profit organization to help kids cope with stressful and scary disorders. My first project is to donate zebras to kids diagnosed with EDS or other connective tissue disorders. I have also created support groups for these children and their parents. As the charity grows, I hope to help with wheelchairs or other medical equipment they may need. After helping the EDS community, I will move on to care packages for pediatric infusion patients and others dealing with difficult diseases.

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