Slowly but surely I’m stopping EDS from winning

Posted January 27, 2020

For my whole life I struggled with building strength, keeping up with peers, and not understanding why movements look so different when I do them compared to others. As an adult, I now know what Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is: suddenly everything makes sense and the questions have been answered.  

When it came to my muscles, they got a bit confused on their jobs.  My movers do the stabilizing, and my stabilizers forget to show up to work – every day. I have been prescribed physical activity and I have worked with my physical therapist and doctor to target my needs from the ground up.  Building up strength in muscles [that most people develop as crawling babies] came with lots of frustration and tears.  

I have always been an athlete, and this lead me to pole fitness: but I thought there was no way I’d be able to keep up in class. I was still skeptical that after 28 years I’d even be able to develop the muscles needed, but here I am breaking down my strength barrier.  Slowly but surely I’m gaining strength, and developing the muscles necessary to progress and attain my goals of achieving physical feats. My next goal is to compete, and to keep striving to stop EDS from winning. 

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