Breaking Down Barriers Initiative

Breaking Down Barriers

Disparities in healthcare are very real. We are committed to dismantling inequality and inequity as we continue to strive in our mission to give hope to and improve the lives of people affected by EDS and HSD. We recognize our community’s experiences of inequality when it comes to race, gender, sexuality, age, body shape, mental health, disability, economic situation, and other diversity factors and we desire to use our platforms to highlight these narratives.

We are developing a Breaking Down Barriers initative, bringing together individuals from across our community that represents different backgrounds, races, countries, genders, sexualities, age groups, body types, disabilities, types of EDS and HSD, and all those who feel that they do not have the care they need because of a barrier. We want to be led by the community on what we can do to progress change, to develop resources, programs, and research. The Breaking Down Barriers initiative will address inequalities, and help inform Society programming and advocacy efforts.

Apply to join our Breaking Down Barriers Initative

We continue to work with the community to formulate inclusive research priorities and practices. If you would like to work with us to break down barriers that you have faced in your EDS and HSD journey and would like to be an advocate for change, then we invite you to complete our Breaking Down Barriers Application Form. Together, we will work to change accessibility and stigma within our communities.

We are listening to the passion and desire for change in our community and believe that the Breaking Down Barriers initiative can facilitate the discussions needed to pave the way for better access to care for all. We will be reaching out to partner with other organizations to learn from the work they have done in breaking down barriers to progress change.