Published: 20/07/2021 Tags: In Memoriam

Brian Bullard

My son, Brian Bullard, passed away November 18, 2019, from an aneurysm related to Ehlers-Danlos. He was 43 years old. He was diagnosed at Duke Medical Center when he was only six years old, mostly because he could do amazing tricks because he was double-jointed. In the beginning, Brian liked showing people his tricks and was invited back to Duke many times to perform at doctor rounds. But eventually, he grew tired of this and just wanted to be accepted for who he was, a sweet happy little boy who liked to fish and play baseball. Brian did not tell many people about his condition, and for the most part lived a normal life. We did have a big scare when he was nineteen; his subclavian artery ruptured and he had to have bypass surgery. Brian loved going to the beach, driving the boat, fishing, and drinking a beer or two. And he loved playing pool. But I had no idea one of the reasons he went to Buck’s Billiards, was because of all the amazing friends he had made there. They are hosting a tournament in his honor August 7, and the proceeds will go to fund a scholarship and to The Ehlers-Danlos Society.

(Arleen Harris)

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