Claire Green, MSC

Genetic Counsellor (UK)

Claire Green is a registered genetic counsellor working in the United Kingdom’s EDS National Diagnostic Service in Sheffield. This is a designated Highly Specialized Service of NHS England.

Claire specializes in working with individuals and families with the rare types of EDS. She has extensive experience in this area as the EDS service sees substantial numbers of patients with Classical EDS and Vascular EDS as well as patients with all of the very rare types of EDS. This service also has a diagnostic laboratory offering molecular genetic testing for all known types of EDS. A multidisciplinary team approach is used to ensure the best outcome for patients.

In addition, the unit in Sheffield has a specialist combined clinic with the inherited cardiac conditions cardiology team for the ongoing management of patients with vascular EDS and the very rare types of EDS with associated vascular risk. Claire is an integral part of this team attending the clinic appointments of her patients.

She undertakes both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at the University of Sheffield medical school and has presented the team’s work at national and international meetings. Claire is also a GCRB registration mentor and supervises MSc students in genetic counseling.

Claire has an active research interest in developing interventions to facilitate family communication in vascular EDS and works closely with patient organizations. She is a member of the medical advisory board of Annabelle’s Challenge (the UK-based patient group dedicated to vascular EDS). This research brings together Claire’s professional aspirations to empower those affected by genetic disorders, using knowledge to promote understanding and facilitate optimum outcomes.

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