Strengthen Our Circle of Hope

Posted November 28, 2018

A Circle of Hope

Each gift strengthens the circle to advance EDS/HSD research, education, advocacy, awareness, and support for those living with EDS and related conditions—worldwide. Research produces new knowledge. This leads to better professional education, earlier diagnosis, and new treatments for those in need. Through awareness, we grow both research funding and patient support. Each gift strengthens our community, our circle.

Every gift makes a difference

Just $10 could fund a twenty-minute call to our new, international EDS helpline (coming soon!), providing critical information and support to a patient or caregiver in desperate need. $25 could supply printed awareness brochures to educate medical professionals. $100 could fund one webinar to be produced live and made available online. $250 could provide a scholarship to attend a three-day Patient Learning Conference.

$1000 could fund one full day of speaker presentation videos from a Patient Conference to be made available online after the event. $2500 could provide translation from English to native language for a one-day Learning Conference. $5000 could fund gene sequencing for two individuals to be part of the hEDS genetic research study.

Every gift strengthens our Circle of Hope. Our strength begins with hope. Our hope begins with you. Together, we can advance knowledge, research, awareness, education, and support.

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