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Ami Kirollos


Professional Designation: PT,DPT,CSCS

Specialities: Physical Therapist

About these Clinics/Practices

One on One is an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Atlanta, Ga. I see all patients in a one on one context for anywhere from 30-90 minutes to ensure high quality and personalized care. I strive to make sure each patient is heard and their story told, so I can fully understand their complaints. By doing so, getting to the root cause of the problem in a more efficient and empathetic manner.

All patients at One on One Physical Therapy receive a comprehensive evaluation with one of our Physical Therapists to identify the nature and source of the pain or injury.

We will refer the patient to other health care providers when further evaluation is necessary. The Physical Therapists use various techniques and modalities as a part of treatment. One on One offers post-rehabilitation services to help patients maintain function and improve health and performance after physical therapy goals have been met. In cases where a specific activity or sport is involved, injury prevention is addressed from day one. The Physical Therapist will pay careful attention to mechanics and technique to address sport-specific training.

Practice/Clinic Information

One on One PT
3300 Northeast Expressway
Building 8 Suite C
GA - Georgia
United States

https://onetherapy.com +1-770-500-3848


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Emory University School of Medicine

Degree: Indiana University-Bloomington

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