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Ashley Baker


Professional Designation: PT,DPT

Specialities: Physical Therapist

About these Clinics/Practices

We are a mobile, out of network clinic specializing in hypermobility spectrum disorders, EDS, POTS, and other chronic conditions. All of our therapists are empathetic, compassionate providers who see patients in a private, focused environment and work with them to establish long-term strategies to manage their symptoms. Every patient is different and unique, and their treatment plan should reflect their specific needs. In our personalized, one on one environment, we spend a full hour with each patient and take the time to develop a personalized treatment approach to help achieve your goals.

Practice/Clinic Information

Em/Body Physical Therapy & Health
3439 SE Hawthorne Blvd
OR - Oregon
United States

https://embodyphysicaltherapyhealth.janeapp.com/ +1-503-893-9157


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: College of Wooster

Degree: BA

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: University of New England

Degree: PT, DPT

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