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Courtney Magee


Professional Designation: Physiotherapist

Specialities: Physiotherapist, Pilates Teacher, Physician - Gynaecology

Professional Boards and Affiliations: Australian Physiotherapy Association

About these Clinics/Practices

We have 3 clinics in Brisbane. I work in the Samford clinic and have chosen hypermobility and womens health as a special interest. We do reformer pilates classes limited to 4 people a class. I have just started a class for hypermobile people specifically. There are limited spaces for these classes but I have found it to be a huge benefit for these conditions.

Practice/Clinic Information

Inline Physiotherapy
Suite 5/6 Main Street
Samford Village
QLD - Queensland

https://inlinephysio.com.au/ +61-7-3289-6122


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Australian Catholic University

Degree: Bachelor of Physiotherapy

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