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Dawn Shailer

+44 7590 203883

Professional Designation: BScPod,MaDipSW

Specialities: Podiatrist

Hospital Affiliations: Eastbourne District General University College London North Staffordshire

Professional Boards and Affiliations: HCPC -Podiatry Trauma Network Complex/Post Traumatic Disorder HCPC- Social Work

About these Clinics/Practices

Podiatry services including orthotics prescription. I have 20 years of disability specialist Social Work assessment and additional certificates in Hyper mobility, Leg length discrepency, Acupuncture for podiatry which studied myofacial trigger points for the lower limb and up to the lower back.
For many years in my thirties I practised physical therapies like the Full body massage and use of aromatherapy oils applied to the skin and, as such, have been affiliated with the registering bodies. Many years of practicing reflexology, aromatherapy massage and the seated massage that is particularly useful for the my sofas is around the neck, back, face and scalp.

I said to someone recently it has almost been as though I have research the therapy as I was studying it and applying it. I still had the EDS but I found benefit in what I studied and applied. Similar with podiatry in fact if it hadn’t been for being referred to a podiatrist for my own conditions I may never have know the skill set and benefit studying podiatry would have had on myself.

it has undoubtedly enhanced my quality of life.

Particular interests inclue pain management and rehabilitation after injury. The use of rehabilitation on the myo fascia, mast cell activation.
I use a patient centred approach to consider management of the hypermobile foot and how the whole body moves and loads.

I specifically acknowledge the individual needs and have a special interest in imaging. I have an EDS (Hypermobility Type) & useresearch and aids and adaptations well.

Treated for Thyroid Cancer and an underlying auto immune disorder too, I started to want to help my body recover and adapt beneficial practices.

As a social worker, I personally led on neurodiversity, where I studied at Keele University and had the benefit of tutors who really got the idea over too much sensory stimulation.

Then traumatic bereavement, namely the impact of childhood parental loss. My thesis centred on the disparity between grief loss and traumatic loss

The needs of a person who dissociates in life can be very different from the care givers who may seek constant connection.

I have done several training sessions foster carers on visible and invisible disability, one of my strengths has been a good understanding of the attachment process.

I can offer the Alpha Stim M method as-well.

I am current and make use of evidence based research into trauma, the Hyper-mobility Syndromes and carry a small case load now.

No longer offering toe nail surgery for practical reasons but sign post well and give a clear diagnosis and offer treatment plans. Sometimes a conservative approach can alleviate, sometimes ai will want you to be referred back into the NHS. You will have a clearer sense of the patient pathway and some areas you can practice.

Because of my social work background, I am strong on mental capacity assessments and duty of care.

A lot of people have benefitted from my poly vagal understandings and approach to stress and disorder and how subluxations and dislocations can set us up for more anxiety around social events and daily living.

My initial appointments are usually well received but have to follow a medical screening which is standard for podiatry. Its not medical model approach, but it’s using the standard tests to get a baseline of very basic idea of any neurological and circulatory status and em then we move onto a plan  of action for you.

I really encourage people to consider beneficial change from small manageable and lifestyle.

my eldest patient is 96 and my youngest one of 4 was juvenile arthritic knee at the age I worked with NHS conjuctively to-assist some of the anxiety.


I think my epitaph may be something like

“The mind and the body both serve to protect each other but both need some guidance and support in managing this ( insert conditions here)! “




Practice/Clinic Information

Foot Cares
51 Bodiam Crescent
East Sussex
United Kingdom

http://www.Footcares.co.uk +44 7590 203883

Clinic Type: private


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Keele University

Degree: Ba Joint Psych/Eng

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Keele University

Degree: MaDipSW

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Keele University

Degree: MaDipSW

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