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Eliezer Fox


Professional Designation: Physical Therapy

Specialities: Physical Therapist

About these Clinics/Practices

My name is Eliezer Aaron Fox and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy (dpt) in the DMV area. I have both personal and professional experience with EDS. I first discovered EDS and all of its co-morbidities (POTS, gastroparesis, Mast Cell Diseases, etc) through the love of my life who suffers with all of the above. When we first met, my partner had very poor quality of life with frequent/ significant episodes of syncope as well as constant subluxations, joint pain and symptoms of gut dysmotility. I decided to research and learn specific protocols such as the Levine protocol for POTS to create a personalized treatment plan for her. She ultimately has shown massive improvements with this treatment plan and is now no longer dependent on a wheel chair like she was prior. I have been moved by the power of helping my partner reach her full potential toward a better quality of life. This experience serves as the foundation of my now fully specialized services for EDS patients. I have been humbled and excited to connect with other physicians, researchers, and patients within this community to inform my care. I have seen the benefits of proper treatment in my own life and strive to assist my patients in reaching their own personal goals through employing joint stabilization techniques, manual therapy, and individualized cardiovascular training under close supervision.

Practice/Clinic Information

ATI Physical Therapy
2900 Belcrest Center Dr Ste 104-A
MD - Maryland
United States



Qualification Type: Medical/ Dental/ Nursing

School Name: Rutgers University School of Health Professions

Degree: Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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