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Eva Meier


Professional Designation: Personal Trainer/Studio Owner

About these Clinics/Practices

At The Line Method studio, we focus on creating workouts using a full-body holistic approach that cuts across multiple fitness disciplines.  Our number one goal is our clients’ goals, but most often, we help our clients overcome movement limitations to feel better in their bodies and enjoy more of the activities, routines and hobbies they love.

As a dancer in her youth, Eva battled with unexplained sciatica and pelvic instability. After many years of searching for answers and working with professionals, she finally received a diagnosis of having HSD – Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder in 2021. Prior to ever receiving a diagnosis, she founded The Line Method studio with the goal of helping people feel better in their bodies. She began working with HSD/hEDS individuals in a collaborative space, developing strengthening and mobility techniques that helped improve movement patterns. Her personalized approach to movement and restoration has worked well with HSD/hEDS individuals as she knew that there was no cookie cutter solution that was going to fit all cases.


Practice/Clinic Information

The Line Method
2708 Ontario Rd. NW
Second Floor
DC - District of Columbia
United States


Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: International Sports Sciences Asociation

Degree: Personal Traininer

Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: University of Illinois at Chicago

Degree: Communications

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