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Gillian Ehrlich


Professional Designation: DNP, ARNP, Certified in Ayurveda & Functional Medicine

Specialities: Functional Medicine

About these Clinics/Practices

At NeuroVeda Health, we utilize conventional, Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine to create personalized medical programs for your whole health. We evaluate and treat patients across the health spectrum, including the PENTAD patients with any (or all) of the neuroinflammatory conditions including hypermobility conditions, dysautonomia/ POTS (we have an autonomic lab for tilt table testing), mast cell activation syndrome, autoimmune disease, chronic infection (Long COVID, EBV, etc), and neurological conditions like small fiber neuropathy, gastroparesis and other GI conditions. Our services are grounded in comprehensive integrative medical consultations with nurse practitioners, medical doctors and naturopaths. We also offer diet and lifestyle consultations with Master’s-prepared Ayurvedic practitioners, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, and an IV Lounge. The priority of treatment is to work collaboratively with patients to help them reach their health goals.

GILLIAN EHRLICH, ARNP, DNP, practices Conventional, Functional & Ayurvedic medicine at NeuroVeda Health in Seattle, Washington. Her early interest in health led her to practice organic farming and teach wilderness leadership programs. Her professional training includes a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Washington as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and certifications from The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Ayurvedic Institute. In medicine, she spent four years caring for homeless adults with acute illness and then seven years as an integrative primary care clinician in an insurance-based non-profit before specializing in integrative neurology. Her work at NeuroVeda Health continues her focus on serving complex and chronically ill patients as well as on the neurological mechanisms of perception, processing, connection, ecology and justice. Find out more about Gillian and her practice: NeuroVedaHealth.com.

Practice/Clinic Information

NeuroVeda Health
1818 Westlake Ave N, Suite 106
WA - Washington
United States


Qualification Type: Medical/ Dental/ Nursing

School Name: University of Washington

Degree: Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Qualification Type: Other

School Name: Institute of Functional Medicine

Degree: IFMCP: Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

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