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Heather Imrie


Professional Designation: PT, FCAMPT, MPT, CGIMS, BKin

Specialities: Physical Therapist

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Heather Imrie is an FCAMPT physiotherapist specializing in manual therapy and Gunn IMS.  She works in downtown Toronto at Rebalance Sports Medicine.

Heather has completed numerous courses. She has done courses pertaining to the shoulder, spine, acupuncture and most considerably manual and manipulative physiotherapy. In 2015, she achieved the highest level in orthopaedic physiotherapy becoming FCAMPT certified, meaning a Fellow of Canadian Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapist.

In 2017, Heather obtained a certification in Gunn IMS through University of British Columbia. This is a type of systematic assessment and treatment for chronic pain originating from the nervous system and its relation to the spine. This type of treatment has revolutionized her practice and she sees it reflected frequently in positive patient outcomes.

She is devoted to continuing education and evidence based treatment and she will continue to take courses throughout her career to best serve her patients.

Heather’s mission is to achieve success with every patient through advanced clinical reasoning, evidence based practice, and quality care. She recognizes that each patient has individual needs and works with them to achieve their specific goals.

She is optimistic and feels that with every patient a positive change to symptoms and or wellness can be achieved. She uses a combination of education, manual and manipulative therapy, dry needling, modalities, soft tissue release and exercise as the bases of her treatment.

Heather will treat all areas of the body but has special interest in spinal pain, shoulder pain, hyper-mobility syndromes and chronic pain or complex cases. She prides herself on a comprehensive assessment that always looks for the cause of pain and not just the source. This method typically will lead to treatment of the spine, its posture and strength.

She avidly promotes pilates for her patients who need one on one core strength training and motor control. She uses this model frequently for optimal outcomes for pain cessation and knows first-hand how it can bridge the gap between pain management, body awareness and lifelong postural awareness.

Practice/Clinic Information

Rebalance Sports Medicine University & King
155 University, Suite 303
Suite 303
ON - Ontario
M5H 3B7

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