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Ian Wallace


Professional Designation: MS,CGC

Specialities: Counsellor

Hospital Affiliations: Pullman Regional Hospital

Professional Boards and Affiliations: American Board of Genetic Counseling National Society of Genetic Counselors

About these Clinics/Practices

I offer both telehealth and in-person appointments, so you don’t have to travel to Pullman, WA, if it’s not convenient. Wait-times for an appointment are generally 2-3 weeks.

Genetic counselors provide diagnostic testing, information, and support to families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions and those who have a personal or family history of birth defects or genetic disorders. They identify families at risk, investigate the medical problems present in the family, interpret information about the disorder, analyze inheritance patterns and risks of recurrence, and review available genetic testing options with the family.

Genetic counseling is relevant to every medical specialty, however it plays an especially critical role in: connective tissue disorders, obstetrics, pediatrics, oncology, research, and testing.

Practice/Clinic Information

Pullman Regional Hospital
1620 SE Summit
WA - Washington
United States

https://pullmanregional.org/patient-care/services/genetic-counseling +1-509-332-5106


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Washington State University

Degree: BS

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Boston University School of Medicine

Degree: MS

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Gonzaga University

Degree: MBA

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