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Jennifer Nelson


Professional Designation: DPT, DScPT

Specialities: Physical Therapist

Hospital Affiliations: None

Professional Boards and Affiliations: AAOMPT NAIOMPT CRAFTA MyoPain Seminars

About these Clinics/Practices

Holistic Physical Therapy, Yoga, and Coaching-

Achieve Your Health Goals with Dr. Jennifer M. Nelson DPT, DScPT.

My approach is that of a doctoral-level physical therapist who provides holistic, quality physical therapy and coaching targeted towards people with persistent pain and autonomic dysfunction and those who want a provider who can treat the whole body. I assist people by providing physical therapy, coaching, training and more. Let me help you connect with your health and wellness goals by meeting your personal needs online or in-person. What truly sets my approach apart is I will listen to you, take different concepts and diagnosis’s you may have gotten from numerous different providers and weed through it. Usually the providers are all saying the same thing but only looking at a small part of it so it sounds different. I help take the fear out of your condition and help you problem solve in a judgment free zone. There is no problem too small or big that we can’t work on.  I truly believe you can do anything you want if you have the correct support (pun intended), understand the risks and have the time and drive to commit to it. I can help you find your unique path.

Examples of treatments and approaches we can explore together:

Breathing- Breathing patterns are at the heart of many problems. I commonly see people become stuck in one way of breathing leading to mechanical, postural and chemical problems throughout the body. There is no one “right” way to breathe all the time, and I will help you learn how to use different breathing methods becoming more efficient at using the oxygen you breathe in.

Manual Therapy – Mobilization and manipulation of the joints and various soft tissue/massage techniques to help you use your body differently and get out of painful/dysfunctional patterns of movement. Manual therapy can also be used to help calm the nervous system and manage swelling/inflammation.

Dry Needling – The ultimate deep tissue work. It is great for knots in muscles, tight fascia and scars. Dry needling is different from acupuncture but can be performed by an acupuncturist.

Pain Science Education – The body talks to the brain and the brain talks to the body. Many treatments only focus on the way the body talks to the brain. Pain Science Education helps to teach the brain new ways to talk to the body and is wonderful for persistent problems. This may include self-talk, education, flash cards/memory games and mirrors depending on what is needed.

Exercises – Movement in all forms. We will start from the foundation. Whether it is to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength or balance, we will assess your current movement patterns and how they are playing into the problem you are having. I will then help you learn new movement patterns to accomplish your goals. This often means small tweaks to exercises you are already doing to target muscles you have difficulty using or to stop using muscles you already use. We will discuss how many exercises you can do as homework as well so the program is truly individualized.

Yoga – Yoga is a wonderful way for people to connect with themselves. Over the years some have turned the movement part of yoga into a workout rather than a time for moving meditation. I can help you understand both aspects to allow you to decide how your body can best use the asanas/poses and breathing techniques. Whether you are new or well-practiced, stiff or hypermobile, I will help you learn how to move into the asanas/poses safely and understand any challenging movement patterns to allow you to explore the posture in a new way.

Energy Conservation – We are so accustomed to structuring our day around how much time we have instead of how much energy we have. I will help you learn how to structure your day around the energy you have. We will also look at the way you perform different activities and attempt to reduce the energy needed for those tasks or achieve a more optimal time structure per task.

Basic Nutrition – We will assess whether you are meeting basic nutritional requirements and explore whether this may be contributing to your problem(s).

Meditation Mindfulness – “I can’t meditate because I can’t get my head to stop thinking!” is something I hear frequently. That is OK! There are many forms of meditation. The types of meditation that require you to “clear your head” were designed for monks whose main objective was to connect with a higher power or enlightenment. This is a wonderful connection, but there are other benefits that you can achieve with different types of meditation that are designed for people who live in society and have attachments such as jobs, families and pets.

Cognitive Behavioral – This is a powerful way to help you change habits and patterns. I use it most often to aid people in sleeping better, ending jaw clenching/grinding and stopping strong urges to run to the bathroom. We will look at how your body reacts to different places/situations/people and teach you a new pattern to replace the old habit.

Training Plans – Do you have a fitness goal but don’t know where to start? Have you repeatedly been injured while training for a specific goal? Do you have a difficult time sticking with a plan? I can help you start or fine tune your training plans to keep you moving whether it be a 5k walk, marathon, triathlon, pull-ups or boxing match. We will explore your natural strengths as we determine what is needed to complete the task.

Practice/Clinic Information

JenFitter Physical Therapy
1500 1st Ave NE
MN - Minnesota
United States


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Winona State University

Degree: BA in Mathematics, BS in Biology with minors in Statistics and Psychology

Qualification Type: Medical/ Dental/ Nursing

School Name: Mayo School of Health Related Sciences

Degree: Doctorates of Physical Therapy

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Andrews University

Degree: Doctorates of Science in Physical Therapy

Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: Varrious

Degree: Here is a full list of all of the certifications I hold: Doctorates of Science in Physical Therapy (DScPT) Doctorates of Physical Therapy (DPT) Fellow of American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (FAAOMPT) Certified Manual Physical Therapist (CMPT) Certified Orthopedic Manipulative Therapist (COMT) Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist/Dry Needling (CMTPT) Fu's Subcutaneous Needling practitioner (FSNp) Advanced Certified Clinical Instructor (CI with the APTA) Clinical Fellowship Instructor (CFI with NAIOMT) Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS I) Registered Yoga Teacher 500hr. (RYT 500)

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