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Joanne Ryshpan-Harris


Professional Designation: Health Educator/Health Advocate

Professional Boards and Affiliations: Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

About these Clinics/Practices

My name is Joanne Ryshpan-Harris and I am a Health Advocate. My Company’s name is, Bluebird Health Advocates LLC. I am a Zebra and I want to help others with their patient issues.

As a Health Advocate, I can help in finding a provider, explaining medical terms and help you to understand testing and your medical plans. Other things that I can do:

-Help in finding the right provider for insurance

-Help with legal and administration work i.e.: help shop for a lawyer to draw up a will, help with decisions on your last wishes, (We use the “5 wishes”.

-Help with paperwork and choice of rehabilitation, hospice, long-term skilled nursing

-Helping to understand co-morbid conditions associated with EDS such as POTS, other auto-immune issues.

-Helping with housing issues i.e.: housing adjustments.

And More…Your first consultation is free. P.S. I do charge for my work by the hour or under retainer on a sliding scale depending on your income.

Practice/Clinic Information

Bluebird Health Advocates LLC
8164 Cactus Flower Court
Las Vegas
NV - Nevada
United States


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: University of Phoenix

Degree: 90 credits of Psychology undergraduate degree

Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: UC Berkeley Extension

Degree: Certificate in Health Advocacy

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