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Jonathan Kost, MD


Professional Designation: Interventional pain management specialist

Hospital Affiliations: Hartford Hospital MidState Medical Center

Professional Boards and Affiliations: American Society of anesthesiologist Specialty board certification in interventional pain management

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Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center has developed a special interest in the diagnosing and treating of patients that suffer from the multiple aspects of hypermobile EDS/hypermobile spectrum disorder. We pride ourselves on helping patients who have suffered from the multiple facets associated withthis condition.

hEDS/HSD pose as some of the most commonly overlooked medical conditions within the healthcare sphere. As pain management providers at the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center, it’s imperative that we take proactive steps to engage patients in discussions aimed at uncovering this intricate disorder. Rooted in genetic collagen structure disruptions, it results in heightened flexibility that can evolve into musculoskeletal complications. Consequently, cultivating a comprehensive understanding of its manifestations becomes pivotal for pain practitioners. Moreover, it often coexists with an array of interconnected conditions, including mast cell activation syndrome, autonomic dysfunction, small fiber neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, and autoimmune diseases.
hEDS/HSD’s toll on patients is substantial, compounded by the fact that the majority remain still undiagnosed. These patients also manifest a heightened anxiety, cognitive challenges, brain fog, relentless fatigue, and a spectrum of additional symptoms and diagnoses. Medicine for the most part, has failed them. While its genetic foundation is established, the specific genes involved remain shrouded in mystery.
Many afflicted individuals grapple with a diverse array of pain disorders, spanning concerns such as Sacroiliitis/pelvic obliquity, C2-3 facet joint hypermobility culminating in cervicogenic headaches and a multitude of other painful conditions, including fibromyalgia/central sensitization like symptoms. Recent research from Great Britain posits that hEDS/HSD impacts roughly one in 500 individuals worldwide. As pain specialists at the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center, we pride ourselves on helping these patients with the safest and most cutting edge/innovative treatments available.

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Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center
65 Memorial Rd., Suite 435
West Hartford
CT - Connecticut
United States

https://hartfordhospital.org/services/pain-treatment +1-860-696-2840

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