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Judy Suzanne Tsafrir


Professional Designation: MD

Specialities: Psychiatry

Hospital Affiliations: The Cambridge Health Alliance

Professional Boards and Affiliations: American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry

About these Clinics/Practices

I have had a private practice of adult and child psychiatry, and psychoanalysis in the Boston area since 1988, but in 2008 began to add Functional Medicine approaches.  I have particular expertise in treating Mold Toxicity and Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Often patients consult me because they do not want to take psychiatric medications, and it can be challenging to wean off of them without professional assistance. I have had many patients with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome in my practice because it so often is accompanied by anxiety, depression, brain fog as well as Mast Cell Activation. Often I am the first to diagnose it, as it is always on my radar and I have a questionnaire as part of my intake that screens for it. My practice is holistic and dedicated to the integration of Body, Mind Heart and Spirit. Often patients consult me because I am a skilled therapist given my psychoanalytic training, which is often not the case for many psychiatrists. In addition, I have a deep interest in spiritual factors contributing to health and illness, which attracts some patients. I am not affiliated with any insurance companies and all information about payment can be found on my website

Practice/Clinic Information

Judy Tsafrir MD
120 Sumner Street
Newton Centre
MA - Massachusetts
United States

https://www.judytsafrirmd.com +1-617-965-3020


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Earlham College

Degree: BA Philosophy

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Harvard Medical School

Degree: Residency in Adult Psychiatry

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: Harvard Medical School

Degree: Fellowship in Child Psychiatry

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