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Kearsten Lyon


Professional Designation: Therapeutic Pilates + Movement Therapy, Movement Educator: Total Movement Therapy Method, Franklin Method, Oov Education

About these Clinics/Practices

I am the Founder of Extended Healthcare Clinic, Toronto Movement Therapy.

We are a trauma sensitive multi-disciplinary team of practitioners who co care to meet the complex needs of clients with EDS from multiple perspectives and strategies. We use a biopsychosocial model of care in our practice to provide comprehensive client – centred care.

  • Movement Therapy programs and protocols combining Pilates, yoga, strength, conditioning, functional movement and motor control with a neurological approach. Our aim is to improve skeletal and joint proprioception and stability locally (i.e. more localized areas) and globally (full body). We help clients understand how their bodies work and embody how they move, to gain autonomy and participate in the activities they enjoy with less hypervigilance, more confidence in themselves and JOY!
  • Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine Services deliver a multi-system approach to improve systemic health with less manual therapy interventions which can often create more instability for EDS folks.
  • Craniosacral Therapy to reduce tension and hypervigilence in the nervous system.
  • Lymphatic Drainage + Massage with Registered Massage Therapists to get fluid moving when it’s been difficult to be physically active, to reduce swelling and improve proprioception.
  • Kinesiotaping to improve proprioception, improve circulation and reduce hypervigilence.
  • Chiropractic care where appropriate providing thorough assessments, low grade manipulations and assisted devices.
  • Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy and Movement Therapy where appropriate to locally free up scar tissue and load the tissue after the scar has been mobilized.
  • Learning and client management tools specific for neurodivergent folks who learn and interpret information in a different way than neurotypical folks. We recognize ADHD is higher within the Ehlers Danlos population.

We offer complimentary consultations for new clients. This gives clients a chance for them to discuss what they have tried and what their current goals are, so I can personally recommend which practitioner or services would be a good fit to begin their care with us.

Practice/Clinic Information

Toronto Movement Therapy
Coxwell Medical Building
688 Coxwell Ave. Suite 203
ON - Ontario
M4E 2X1

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