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Kelli Schneider


Professional Designation: PT,DPT,OCS

Specialities: Physical Therapist, Therapist - Orthopedic Medicine

About these Clinics/Practices

I’m a licensed physical therapist and board-certified specialist in orthopedics dedicated to maximizing the movement potential for people with hypermobility. My passion for treating patients with hypermobility started during my final clinical rotation of physical therapy school at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The high volume of patients with HSD/EDS during this rotation provided me with an opportunity to learn the impacts of hypermobility and nuances of how I can most effectively treat this population.

Within two years of graduating physical therapy school, I opened and managed a clinic for a nationwide physical therapy company in Chicago. By creating a safe place for patients with hypermobility, it quickly became one of the clinic’s primary specialties allowing me to treat both pediatric and adult patients impacted by HSD/EDS. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2020, I’ve continued my involvement with the hypermobility community through the EDS ECHO Clinicians Program and building a network of multidisciplinary providers to facilitate more holistic care.

While I enjoy helping those with pain and injuries related to hypermobility as a physical therapist, I also believe there is a lack of wellness services for this population. In addition to physical therapy treatment, I’m dedicated to providing preventative interventions that decrease risk for injury and allow for a gradual initiation of a safe exercise routine to optimize the body’s function. I pride myself on the ability to problem solve through complex cases, make progress measurable, celebrate small victories, and provide sustainable, long-term solutions instead of quick fixes.

Prior to initiating Physical Therapy (CA and OH) or Movement Training (all states), I require a free Discovery Call for prospective patients/clients to share their story, learn more about my treatment style, and make sure we’re a good fit prior to working together.

Practice/Clinic Information

Electric Edge Physical Therapy P.C.
925 Wilshire Boulevard
Ste A
Santa Monica
CA - California
United States

https://www.electricedgemovement.com +1-310-683-2133


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: University of Cincinnati

Degree: BS in Health Sciences

Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: University of Cincinnati

Degree: DPT

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