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Mari Shiozaki


Professional Designation: Clinical Psychologist

Specialities: Psychologist

About these Clinics/Practices

I am a licensed clinical psychologist approved by both the Ministry of Health and Education, and the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists in Japan.  I specialize in working with children and young adults who are experiencing difficulties adapting in their environment for various reasons, including psychological issues, developmental disorders, physical disabilities and /or illnesses. I am now a professor teaching university students in the clinical psychology program, also working with students who need individualized support in their environment. I offer counseling in both English and Japanese.

As very few physicians are knowledgeable about EDS, and very few patients are diagnosed with EDS here in Japan, I do not see many clients with EDS, but my daughter was diagnosed with EDS abroad more than 20 years ago, as well as myself, and I have come to know many patients through the patient group(s), and am familiar with the kinds of problems EDS patients experience.

Practice/Clinic Information

Meijo University
4-102-9 Yadaminami, Higashi-ku

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