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Megan Karanfil


Professional Designation: BCPA

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I am a board certified patient advocate that works with EDS and all related conditions. As a patient myself I struggled for many years to get appropriate care. I obtained degrees in Molecular biology, Biochemistry and Bioinfomatics to have a well rounded scientific background and became a research professional in several areas such as patient safety. I have dedicated my life to making sure patients are heard and treated in ways that heal them instead of harm them. I am on the EDS Consortium pelvic committee and have lectured at several EDS conferences.  I assist in creating educational materials for the Society for patient and provider use. I have worked in research and advocacy for over a decade. Don’t be afraid to reach out, I offer free consultations, work internationally, and take on pro-bono clients when I can. You deserve the best care possible!

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The Herd's Nerd
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MD - Maryland
United States

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