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Naoya Ogura


Professional Designation: OTD, OTR/L

Specialities: Occupational Therapist

About these Clinics/Practices

We are a neuro clinic specializing in integrative care. We have the following disciplines:

  • Physical therapy — Neurological specialists with experience in hypermobility/EDS management, POTS/dysautonomia treatments through graded exercise programs, and FND treatment.
  • Occupational therapy — Lifestyle therapy specialists with training in CBT-Insomnia/sleep management therapy, stress management/mindfulness/autonomic regulation training, biofeedback training (HRV), and chronic disease habit formation.
  • Psychology — Chronic disease specialists, with experience in adjustment to disability, pain, cognitive dysfunction/brain fog, and neuro psych testing.
  • Yoga therapy and personal training — Neurological wellness specialists, working in collaboration with the PT/OT team on how to modify activities. Reinforces lifestyle changes recommendations made by the rest of the therapy team.

Our team has experience with EDS, as well as associated conditions including: POTS/dysautonomia, MCAS, FND/PNES, CRPS, PCS, PPPD, and ME/CFS.

We are currently only licensed in California, but some of our program participants travel from out-of-state. Our wellness services can be accessed across state lines.

We are located in Los Angeles, California as well as Torrance, California.

You can reach us at programs@re-activept.com, or fill out an application for a consultation here.

Practice/Clinic Information

Re+Active Therapy and Wellness
STE 640
CA - California
United States

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