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Netali Levi


Professional Designation: Clinical Psychology Clinical specialised in helping patients with EDS and other physical health issues

Specialities: Psychologist

About these Clinics/Practices

The Integrated Psychology Clinic has been working closely with the London Hypermobility Unit and the Ehlers Danlos Society for over 15 years. We provide a unique integrated service to people who have been diagnosed with either EDS, HSD or related health issues. 

 Your doctor may have recommended that you access our specialist health psychology team. You may have also been recommended physiotherapy. Physiotherapy and psychology work together to help you build a holistic rehabilitation or management plan. Both physiotherapy and psychology therapies are tailored to the individual’s needs and goals for the most effective treatment plan. Our teams are used to working together, so can organise joint appointments or reviews from time to time, if we think this will help you. Alternatively, some of our patients with EDS only seek psychological support, which may be around managing pain, fatigue, wider medical symptoms or the impact of EDS on their daily life.

Practice/Clinic Information

Integrated Psychology Clinic
85 Wimpole Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Clinic Type: private


Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: All Clinical Psychologists in the practice hold a postgraduate and professional qualification in Clinical Psychology

Degree: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (D Clin. Psy)

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