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Nicole Joseph


Professional Designation: Psychologist/Therapist

Specialities: Psychologist

About these Clinics/Practices

I am a psychologist who specializes in serious medical conditions. I have many clients with EDS and Pots, and have referred many people for testing and evaluation to get an EDS diagnosis who have been ignored by the medical community. I also lead a medical validation support and resources group for individuals with EDS and related conditions who have medical trauma and who need support and resources from others in the EDS community. I am licensed in Virginia and Montana, but I have been in granted authority to practice across many state lines in accordance with PsyPact. I run a virtual practice for the convenience and well being of my clients.

I’m currently accepting new group members for my medical validation support and resources group!! Please contact me.

Practice/Clinic Information

Dr. Nicole Joseph, PLLC
5810 Kingstowne Center Drive
Suite 120-314
VA - Virginia
United States



Qualification Type: Postgraduate

School Name: American School of Professional Psychology

Degree: PsyD

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