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Sarah Morrison


Professional Designation: DPT, NLP, IDN, CNFT, CBI

Specialities: Physical Therapist

Professional Boards and Affiliations: Special Olympics Colorado - Clinical Director NeuroFit Certified Embody Lab Certified

About these Clinics/Practices

Dr. Sarah is a Holistic Pain, Stress and Trauma Therapist specialized in innovative evidence-based nervous system regulation techniques that get to the root of pain, stress, trauma, chronic illness, burnout, and limiting beliefs. Dr. Sarah sees every person as a whole- body, mind, nervous system, soul, and the environment in which they all exist. Combining trauma-trained hands-on, somatic, and neurolinguistic strategies to target body, brain, nervous system, and energy, her therapeutic approach overcomes the limitations of traditional talk therapy or physical therapy to empower clients to live their best lives. With EDS treatment, this approach is especially important due to the complex and multi-system effects of this disorder.

Treatment strategies include Integrative Dry Needling for Pain and Stress, Movement Protocol for POTS/Dysautonomia, Rapid Nervous System Stress Reset, Hypermobility Adaptive Exercise, Somatic Therapy for Pain/Stress/Trauma Release, Myo-Fascial Release, Neurohacking Exercises, Vagus Nerve Regulation, NLP Coaching, and evidence-based Non-Toxic Living Solutions.

After struggling for years with mysterious chronic health issues of her own, Dr. Sarah finally discovered the spectrum of Ehler’s Danlos Syndromes and through her own journey found a passion for problem solving complex multi-system disorders through nervous system focused work. With such a scarcity of specialists in this area, she hopes to support as many people with EDS/HSD/POTS and their loved ones as possible. She knows from experience that healing is not just about physical strength, but building Whole Person Strength, Belonging, and Resilience.

Dr. Sarah’s practice is located in Denver, CO and she also works virtually with clients around the world. No matter where you are in your EDS journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free Discovery Consult to find out more.

Practice/Clinic Information

Dr. Sarah - Holistic Pain, Stress, and Trauma Specialist
4045 N Pecos Street
Suite 160
CO - Colorado
United States


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: St. Olaf College

Degree: BA - Exercise Science and Biomedical Studies

Qualification Type: Medical/ Dental/ Nursing

School Name: University of North Carolina

Degree: Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: Integrative Dry Needling

Degree: Integrative Neurological Dry Needling for Pain and Sports

Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: NeuroFit

Degree: Certified Nervous System Trainer

Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: International Breathwork Foundation

Degree: Certified Breathwork Instructor

Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: University of North Carolina

Degree: Concussion and PTSD Management in Military and Sport

Qualification Type: Professional Qualification

School Name: Embody Lab

Degree: Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

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