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Simon Balster


Professional Designation: Shoulder Physiotherapy

Professional Boards and Affiliations: Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Shoulder & Elbow Physiotherapists Australiasia (SEPA) Shoulder & Elbow Society of Australia- Affiliate (SESA) Victoria Shoulder & Elbow Society (VSES)

About these Clinics/Practices

Melbourne Shoulder Group has been working in the area of Shoulder Physiotherapy for 30 years.  The group:

  • provides high level assessment, diagnosis, management/treatment/referral for all shoulder conditions
  • has been developing, researching and publishing their programs for treatment of Multi-Directional Instability of the shoulder (MDI) for the last 20 years.  Their WIP1 program for MDI has been shown to improve pain, function, strength and outcome in MDI-type shoulder symptoms.  The level of evidence associated with this research, is why it is currently considered the “Gold-Standard” for rehabilitation of MDI shoulders.
  • has been running professional teaching courses for Physiotherapists throughout Australia and Overseas for the past 25 years.  More than 4000 Physios have attended our Shoulder Physiotherapy courses.

Within our MDI research we have found that, approximately, 50% of our MDI subjects also have a form of generalised joint hypermobility (EDS or JHS).  Our WIP1 program is the best evidence-based approach to managing shoulder instability symptoms in patient with concomitant EDS or JHS.

Practice/Clinic Information

Melbourne Shoulder Group
305 High Street, PRAHRAN VIC 3181
VIC - Victoria

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