I advocate for those with invisible disabilities

Posted November 10, 2020

A photo of me during my time in service with the 891st Engineer Battalion, 235th Regional Support Group of Fort Riley, Kansas.

I served eight years in the United States Army as a 12 bravo -Combat Engineer. We carry all explosives that you would need to clear or breach any obstacles in the army’s way. ⁠

I always had issues growing up but never could find a reason for my pain and joint issues. One day, during a Physical Fitness Test, I went on my back during the sit-ups portion of the test. We heard a loud POP, and the medics stopped me and said ‘are you ok or in pain’? I said ‘I’m not sure!’ They said to continue the test once again, and I went back up and down then another POP! ⁠

They rushed me to the hospital fearing a torn rotator cuff or worse. X-rays showed nothing wrong even though I was in pain and the doctor could see my shoulder going in and out. After a while, I was sent to multiple specialists and none had answers. During my last two years, I found a civilian doctor who happens to specialize in EDS. Boom, he had all the answers like he read a book about me, I couldn’t believe it! I now advocate for those with invisible disabilities, because I know the pain and struggle.

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