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EDS Groups Plan Awareness Events Across the World

From Arizona to Amsterdam, Ehlers-Danlos organizations and individuals from across the globe have planned public events from bake sales and photo shoots, to parade floats and awareness walks for Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month this May.

Local groups and individuals play an integral part in raising awareness for the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes by taking the message to their local communities. Whether reaching out to medical students or online gamers, every one of these events introduces new people to the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility disorders, taking us closer towards our goal of global awareness.

Here are some of the events happening around the world this month:

May 5:
Wausau, WI, USA – Meagan’s H.O.P.E Memorial Walk for EDS Awareness and Suicide Prevention

May 10:
Swindon, UK –  EDS Awareness Day

May 12:
Amsterdam, NL – The Netherlands Hospital EDS Awareness
Tucson, AZ – Physical Therapy Talk by Tiffany Hodges, (PT) DPT

May 15:
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – Health Advocates — Invisible Illness Awareness — What is EDS?

May 16:
Essex, UK – EDS Awareness Coffee

May 18:
International – Red4vEDS Day
Online, – EDS Awareness Charity Livestream with Kayleigh Maijala

May 19:
Council Bluffs, IA – EDS Awareness Float in Council Bluffs Parade

May 20
Burbank, CA – 2nd Annual EDS Awareness Party
New York, NY – Connect Our Tissues EDS/HSD Awareness Photo Shoot & Social Event

May 21
Loma Linda, CA – EDS Awareness at Loma Linda University

Click here for more information about these events

The Ehlers-Danlos Society has a variety of posters and educational handouts for awareness events available here and here.

Post photos of your event on Instagram with #FragileButUnbreakable to enter our Instagram contest.

Have an awareness event coming up? Tell us about it!

Virtual Support Groups

Let’s Chat

Would you like to speak to others living with EDS and HSD but can’t get to any support group meetings, events, or conferences?

Our weekly, monthly, and quarterly virtual support groups for people from all over the world are a chance to come and share your story and chat with others for support.

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