Calling the Helpline

EDS and HSD Helpline available to call or email with 28 toll free numbers

For general questions regarding the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD)​:

  1. Please call the Helpline at 248-716-8336  or use one of the 28 toll-free international helpline numbers listed below. Leave a message, including the time zone that you’re calling from.  Our Helpline staff will call you back (usually within three business days).
  2. If you are unable to call our number, please use this form to have someone call you back.
  3. Please note, the helpline is currently only available in English.

If you prefer, you can also email the helpline — and if you have questions or comments not related to the helpline, please contact us here.

The Ehlers-Danlos Society’s mission is to spread awareness and knowledge of types of EDS and HSD, educate medical professionals, and foster and fund research. Contacting the Helpline implies an understanding that it is not a substitute for medical advice and/or care by a medical professional.

International Helpline Numbers

Australia (AU)

Call: +61-800-4357-4337

Austria (AT)

Call: +43-800-4357-4337

Belgium (BE)

Call: +32-800-4357-4337

Canada (CA)

Call: +1-866-606-2958

Colombia (CO)

Call: +57-800-4357-4337

Denmark (DK)

Call: +45-800-4357-4337

Finland (FI)

Call: +35-800-4357-4337

France (FR)

Call: +33-800-4357-4337

Germany (DE)

Call: +49-800-4357-4337

Greece (GR)

Call: +30-800-4357-4337

Hungary (HU)

Call: +36-800-4357-4337

Iceland (IS)

Call: +354-800-4357-4337

India (IN)

Call: +91-800-0501-393

Ireland (IE)

Call: +353-800-4357-4337

Israel (IL)

Call: +972-800-4357-4337

Italy (IT)

Call: +39-800-4357-4337

Japan (JP)

Call: +81-800-4357-4337

Luxembourg (LU)

Call: +352-800-4357-4337

The Netherlands (NL)

Call: +31-800-4357-4337

New Zealand (NZ)

Call: +64-800-4357-4337

Norway (NO)

Call: +47-800-4357-4337

Poland (PL)

Call: +48-800-4357-4337

Portugal (PT)

Call: +351-800-4357-4337

Spain (ES)

Call: +34-800-4357-4337

Sweden (SE)

Call: +46-800-4357-4337

Switzerland (CH)

Call: +41-800-4357-4337

United Kingdom (UK)

Call: +44-800-4357-4337

United States (US)

Call: +1-866-616-1735