Speak With An EDS & HSD Expert

Attendance options: In-person only
Included in the registration cost? Yes

We are pleased to offer a small number of in-person visits with a healthcare professional at the Global Learning Conference in Dublin. These will be 15-minute time slots for you to meet with an EDS and HSD expert to discuss an issue you may be confronting. Your visit will not substitute for regular ongoing medical care or provide a diagnosis, but can be a valuable chance for some informal one-on-one time with a respected professional.

All in-person attendees will be given the opportunity to apply for, and book, a visit with an EDS and HSD expert.

Morning Workshops With Jeannie Di Bon

Attendance options: In-person only
Included in the registration cost: Yes

Join movement therapist Jeannie Di Bon from 7:30 am IST (Irish Standard Time) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning to take part in three complementary workshops which focus on mindful movement.

Explore how and why the breath can be a powerful tool in calming the nervous system, building body awareness, and improving proprioception.  We will look at developing ease of breath to reduce muscular tension and help alleviate pain.

Mindful Movement
What is mindful movement and should we be incorporating it into our daily lives?  Discover more about this gentle movement practice that helps relieve stress, makes us more aware of our daily functional activities, and can help with pain reduction.

Bring mind, body, and spirit together in this final session.  Discover how we embody these processes to allow us to move differently and feel differently every day. A simple movement practice that can be done seated or lying down.

Zebras Got Talent

Attendance options: In-person and virtual
Included in the registration cost: Yes

We are inviting all artists and creators to take part in the “Zebras Got Talent” exhibition, by submitting their original work!

Zebras Got Talent is an hybrid exhibition that will showcase the creativity of those in our community. Those joining us in person will have the opportunity to perform their talent live during the conference, and all entries will be uploaded for attendees to view and vote for their favorite on our event app, Whova.

Submissions could include a talent of your choice such as:

  • Creative Writing (eg. poem, fictional story)
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Video Performance
  • Music

1st place WINNER will receive EITHER: a free pass to a virtual Ehlers-Danlos Society event, or a 50% discount to an in-person EDS Society event, valid for any event in 2023 or 2024.
2nd place WINNER will receive a 25% discount on any virtual or in-person Ehlers-Danlos Society event (adult or child), valid for any event in 2023 or 2024.
3RD place WINNER will receive a 15% discount on any virtual or in-person Ehlers-Danlos Society event (adult or child), valid for any event in 2023 or 2024.

Talent submissions close July 21.

Let Me Be Perfectly Queer: Fireside Chat

Attendance options: In-person and virtual
Included in the registration cost: Yes

Join President and CEO of The Ehlers-Danlos Society Lara Bloom and content creator Stevie Boebi for a fireside chat at 7:30 pm IST (Irish Standard Time) on Wednesday, August 2.

Chronic The Musical

Participation options: In-person and virtual 
Included in the registration cost? Yes

Join us on Wednesday, August 2 at 8:00 pm IST (Irish Standard Time) in the ballroom to watch ‘Chronic: The Musical’. The show lasts one hour without an interval, and all attendees are welcome. Tickets are not required.

Chronic is a ‘hysterical’ one-woman reflection on a journey that navigates an invisible chronic illness, exploring the unconscious medical bias that was experienced along the way. It questions how far we’ve really come since the Freudian days of medical misogyny. Through music and humor, we follow Cat’s journey from her initial symptoms to an acceptance of the disease, experiencing the challenges she faces, not only from her doctors but mentally and physically.

Cat shares some of her experience with writing and performing Chronic below:

Chronic is a true story about my lived experiences as a cisgendered woman. I wish to reference a passage from the introduction to Gabrielle Jackson’s ‘Pain and Prejudice,’ a book about unconscious bias in the medical industry against women. She eloquently justifies her choice of language surrounding sex and gender and I wish to share this with you as it reflects how I have written Chronic.

“There are many people who have female sex organs, who menstruate, who suffer from endometriosis, adenomyosis, and many other conditions … who are not women, or do not identify as women.”

“These conditions are under-researched, under-funded, and largely unacknowledged because they solely or predominantly affect women. The vast majority of people affected are women. Sadly, most research still fails to distinguish between sex and gender, which makes it all the more difficult for me to draw out conclusions beyond cisgender women.”

“Unfortunately, the research [into trans, intersex, and gender non-binary people’s experiences of medicine] is still scarce but I did see signs of hope for the future … “

“However, because of the lack of research and the historical treatment of women that has influenced modern medical science and practice, much of this book is about the experiences of cisgendered women, and I frequently use the term ‘women’ to reflect that.”

Trigger warning: 
*Suitable for those over the age of 15, contains swearing with a mention of abortion, depression, and self-harm.

Gala Dinner

Participation options: In-person
Included in the registration cost? No

The Gala Dinner will take place on Friday, August 4, at 7:30 pm IST (Irish Standard Time), and is suitable for all ages. Your Gala Dinner ticket includes a three-course meal, and live entertainment. Our Zebras Got Talent live performances and annual awards ceremony will take place during the dinner, which will also be viewable for virtual attendees.

Dress Code
Smart-Casual. Black and white or zebra stripes are encouraged, but not mandatory!

Young Adults Meet-Up

Participation options: In-person 
Included in the registration cost? Yes

On Wednesday, August 2, The Ehlers-Danlos Society staff will be hosting an informal pre-event mixer onsite at the Crowne Plaza Dublin. This will take place 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm IST (Irish Standard Time) and is suitable for conference attendees aged 18-35.

Color-Coded Comfort System

Attendance options: In-person only
Included in the registration cost: Yes

To ensure you are as comfortable as possible at our in-person events, we have put in place a color-coded comfort system. Green, amber, and red wristbands will be available should you wish to communicate if and how you would like to socially distance with your fellow attendees. Wristbands will be available at the registration desk upon arrival.

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