Faith: We need advocacy, support, and empathy

Faith is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan studying Biochemistry and Psychology with a minor in Argumentation and Advocacy. She hopes that she can become a medical professional that can help bring innovation, creativity, and more empathy to a field that has the ability to change lives.

Faith’s passion for advocacy in the health and science space started at a young age, as she watched her beloved family and friends struggle with their health growing up. This drive was further ignited with the passing of her baby sister later on and battling chronic health problems of her own. Wanting to help the lives of as many as possible with the resources available to her has shaped her to be who she is today. 

After experiencing two major life events that landed her in the hospital, and while working with some of the most supportive and encouraging medical professionals (who now make up her medical team), she was diagnosed with vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome otherwise known as vEDS. Because of her diagnosis experience, she is really passionate about encouraging better patient and medical profession relationships. 

When Faith is not studying or working full time as a recruiter or advocating, you may find her writing for her blog, cooking and developing recipes, gardening, or spending time with her family and her Silky Terrier named Chewy.