Global Learning Conference 2024 – Prizes

A pair of smartCRUTCHes (1 Available)

These crutches by Smartcrutch USA don’t cause strain like underarm crutches. They are great for stabilizing support for mobility assistance. Whether you have EDS, hyper mobility, are recovering from surgery or injury, you can move freely and confidently with SmartCRUTCH. It offers those with short/long term disabilities or chronic joint issues, a new comfort in mobility. The patented crutches reduce pressure, stress and fatigue on your body – they distribute your body weight over your forearm, releasing pressure on hands, wrists, and shoulders. They’re ergonomically designed to Improve posture, resulting in less pain and fatigue.

An Emeterm Migraine Device (1 Available)

HeadaTerm 2 is a clinically proven, safe, and effective medical device worn on users’ foreheads that uses none-invasive neuronal electrical stimulation technology to prevent and treat primary headache, including migraine, tension headache, cluster headache.

An Emeterm Nausea Device (1 Available)

Say goodbye to nausea for good with the EmeTerm Explore Anti-Nausea Wristband. Designed for comfort, style, and relief from nausea caused by travel, chronic conditions and much more.

A Body Braid (1 Available)

Experience enhanced support and stability with the innovative Body Braid. Designed to aid individuals with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD), this wearable tool mimics the natural support provided by healthy connective tissue. The Body Braid helps to improve posture, reduce pain, and increase proprioception, making it an invaluable addition to your daily routine. Embrace better body alignment and support with this unique and thoughtfully engineered product.

Sterling Silver & Crystal Tennis Bracelet (1 Available)

Add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection with this stunning Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Crystal Tennis Bracelet. Crafted with high-quality sterling silver, this bracelet features a continuous line of sparkling cubic zirconia crystals, providing a brilliant shine that mimics the look of diamonds. Perfect for any occasion, this timeless piece combines sophistication and style, making it an ideal accessory for both everyday wear and special events. Enhance your wardrobe with this exquisite bracelet, a beautiful way to show your support for the Ehlers-Danlos Society.

EDS Society Merchandise Bundle (1 Available)

Show your support and stay stylish with the exclusive EDS & HSD Merchandise Bundle, which includes a comfortable EDS Society logo t-shirt, a sleek adjustable baseball cap, a soft high-quality blanket perfect for staying warm, and a stylish notebook for jotting down thoughts and important information. This bundle combines comfort, functionality, and awareness for EDS & HSD, making it a perfect choice for supporters.

$150 Uber Gift Card (1 Available)

Win a $150 Uber gift card and enjoy the convenience of effortless travel! Whether you’re heading to work, exploring the city, or needing a safe ride home, Uber is there for you. Use it for rides, Uber Eats, or even gifting a ride to a friend. This gift card offers flexibility and ease for all your transportation needs.

– Convenient and safe transportation
– Can be used for Uber rides or Uber Eats
– Flexibility for personal use or to gift a ride

$250 Amazon Gift Card (1 Available)

Win a $250 Amazon gift card and unlock endless possibilities! Shop from millions of products, including electronics, books, clothing, and more. Whether you’re treating yourself or buying gifts for loved ones, this gift card provides you with the ultimate shopping experience on Amazon.

– Access to millions of products on Amazon
– Flexible spending on anything you need or want
– Perfect for personal use or as a gift

$100 Starbucks Gift Card (1 Available)

Win a $100 Starbucks gift card and indulge in your favorite coffees, teas, and treats! Whether you need a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a relaxing evening beverage, Starbucks has you covered. Enjoy the convenience of having your favorite drinks and snacks whenever you want.

– Enjoy a wide range of Starbucks beverages and snacks
– Perfect for daily coffee runs or treating yourself
– Convenient and flexible spending at any Starbucks location

Disjointed Book (5 Available)

We are excited to offer the comprehensive book, “”Disjointed”” as a raffle prize, which is an invaluable resource for individuals living with hEDS and HSD, as well as the physicians who care for them.

“”Disjointed”” addresses the underrecognized and complex nature of hEDS and HSD, highlighting the challenges posed by a fragmented healthcare system. With contributions from 21 specialists and insights from patients and parents, this guide aims to bridge the gaps in care and facilitate earlier, more comprehensive interventions. It provides a holistic view of the disorder, empowering patients with knowledge and equipping healthcare professionals with the tools needed for effective treatment.

Whether you are a patient seeking to understand your condition better, a parent looking for support, or a physician dedicated to improving patient outcomes, “”Disjointed”” is an essential addition to your library. Don’t miss the chance to win this incredible resource at our raffle!

Symptomatic Book (2 Available)

Get ready to deepen your understanding of EDS and HSD with this comprehensive and indispensable resource! “”Symptomatic”” offers a groundbreaking approach, focusing on the vast array of symptoms experienced by those with EDS and HSD. This handbook is meticulously structured from head to feet, making it intuitive and accessible for both clinicians and patients.

Inside, you’ll find:
– Clinical case studies that bring real-world context to each symptom.
– Simplified algorithms for diagnosing and managing symptoms.
– Differential diagnoses to explore alternative explanations.

With contributions from over 70 leading clinicians across more than 30 specialties, “”Symptomatic”” provides a concise yet thorough exploration of the complex symptoms associated with EDS and HSD. Whether you’re a healthcare provider seeking a concise reference or a patient looking to better understand your condition, this book bridges the gaps between various medical specialties, fostering an integrative understanding of this interdisciplinary field.

Don’t miss this chance to own a copy of “”Symptomatic”” and empower yourself or your practice with the knowledge and tools to better navigate EDS and HSD. Purchase your raffle ticket for the chance to take home this invaluable resource!

$350 Zebra Splints Voucher (1 available)

Win a $350 Zebra Splints voucher to redeem online! Zebra Splints is a trusted provider of high-quality, affordable ring splints, each one handcrafted by a professional silversmith with 20 years of experience. Choose from a wide selection of ring splints on their website to match your style and needs.

T&Cs: The total amount in your shopping cart must not exceed $350, and shipping costs are not included.

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