Published: 11/02/2009 Tags: In Memoriam

Grace Berardini

Passed away on February 11, 2009

She will be missed.

Grace succumbed to vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome on February 11, 2009. Grace was especially loved by the members of EDNF who knew her through her attendance at our National Educational conferences and her local group. She was dedicated to work for improvement in all types of EDS. She transcended interest in her particular form but instead had empathy and consideration for every EDNF member. Many will recall her comment: “I have vascular but I am lucky because I don’t have the pain you do”. She cared for each of us and worked tirelessly to raise awareness, provide advocacy and and just show love to each and every member as anyone who knew her can tell you. We thank her for her many creative projects such as the Taxi Cab advertising and attendance at the many medical conferences held in San Diego.

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