Graduating Fairfield senior takes a walk years in the making

Posted June 3, 2016

Elizabeth Schulze worked for years to be able to garner the strength and stamina to walk across the stage and receive her high school diploma.

While the act is easy for most high school seniors, it was not for Schulze.

Amy Schulze said her daughter, who plans to attend Miami Hamilton and study forensic science before heading off to medical school, “is a very wise young woman.”

“She had a goal to be able to walk across the stage, and it took her seven years of (physical therapy) to be able to do that,” she said. “For seven years we’ve been thinking about getting that diploma and she’ worked so hard. She went from being able to not walk at all, having to be able to be in bed because both her hips were torn, to being able to walk today.”

Her father, Chuck Schulze, said Friday was “a culmination” of her daughter’s hard work as she progressed through to her senior year.

“She’s had a lot of obstacles and she’s overcome them,” he said.

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