NY Daily News Writer Voices Concerns About Ehlers-Danlos Portrayal on Grey’s Anatomy

Posted November 13, 2016

New York Daily News journalist, Ariel Scotti expresses concerns about oversimplification of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome on October episode of Grey’s Anatomy

It’s a medical drama that cuts really close to home.

The doctors of “Grey’s Anatomy” have come close to curing diabetes and Alzheimer’s. They’ve brought a drowned Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) back to life, survived a shooting, two blackouts, a bomb and a plane crash.

In 13 seasons, “Grey’s” has gotten creative with its cases and has evolved over time to keep a firm grasp on its audience’s attention. It has also, in keeping with its right as fiction, had fantastical moments impossible in real life. It’s ridiculous because it can be.

Audiences are aware of this. People who still watch the show tune in because they care about the characters, not because they’re studying for the MCAT. So “Grey’s” gets a pass.

But on Oct. 13, “Grey’s” featured a case of presumed addiction. A young woman with chronic dehydration was given an IV and when she tried to leave, a doctor lightly pulled her arm and accidentally dislocated her shoulder. She popped it back into place herself and said that it happens all the time.

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