Ehlers-Danlos Society Expands Outreach to Medical Professionals with New Director of Education

Posted May 20, 2018

Dr. Alan Hakim

The Ehlers-Danlos Society is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Alan Hakim as its first Director of Education.

With this new  role, Dr. Hakim will help the Society build a panel of experts to assess our materials and methods to better address the educational needs of each audience in our community; develop innovative new ways train and educate  healthcare professionals; and, create new methods to support delivery of services for Ehlers-Danlos patients at local and regional levels around the world.

Dr. Hakim will assist The Society in filling the knowledge gaps between the research it supports and shares by translating new understandings into best practices for medical practitioners and therapists in both clinic and community settings—and actionable self-management for patients.

A respected physician, writer, lecturer, and educator, Dr. Hakim has successfully led several substantial projects within healthcare, has a wide and practical knowledge working with large and complex organizations and networks, and brings a wealth of clinical experience to this new role.

We look forward to Dr. Hakim starting with us next month.

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