Hannah Ensor

Hannah Ensor has a BSc (Hons) Environmental Health and worked in the field for 5 years before being medically retired at age 28 due to a hypermobility syndrome and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Despite being symptomatic all her life, she wasn’t diagnosed until after coming across the HMSA – and it was the advice and support from the HMSA that helped her get the right diagnosis and on the right track to managing her conditions. 

While meeting misunderstandings and metaphorical brick walls when communicating about her conditions, she looked for ways to open vital lines of communication – whether with friends and family, colleagues, or medical professionals. During a hospital stay where her ability to speak was very limited, she discovered that stickmen combined with straight forward, simple written explanations got the message across well. 

This quickly developed into Stickman Communications®, a company using stickman cartoons to break down the barriers and communicate positively yet realistically about a wide range of disabilities, conditions, needs and symptoms. Her products, blogs, and talks are used worldwide by people with disabilities and medical professionals. 

Alongside this she is the current chair of the board of trustees for the HMSA, has worked within the hypermobile community for over 10 years (including 3 years as youth patron for the HMSA, and over 10 years as a volunteer with them) is an entertaining and insightful speaker, is featured in the 2016 and 2017 ‘Power 100’ lists of Britain’s most influential people with a disability or impairment, has worked various other charities including MIND, Whizz-Kidz and PoTS UK, and is a contemporary dancer. 

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