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The Ehlers-Danlos Society acknowledges how hard it is to find an EDS and HSD-friendly specialist across various disciplines globally, so to further our commitment to your access to management and care we have created this list that is populated by professionals submitting their information to our site.

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Emile Janssen, MD
Rehabilitation Medicine
Practice / Clinic 1
Janssen Rehabilitation Medicine & Consultancy
Kempenstraat 8
Sittard, Limburg 6137 KL

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I work full-time in my own private practice as a consultant in PM & R with a focus on connective tissue disease / EDS. I see patients from al regions in The Netherlands. I diagnose, treat and coordinate local multidisciplinary rehabilitation for my patients.

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Eveline Wallink-Roberts, MSc.
Oncologiefysiotherapeut / Oedeemfysiotherapeut

Practice/Clinic 1:
Houben Fysiotherapie
Broeksittarderweg 154
Sittard, Limburg 6137 BL

Practice/Clinic 2:
Houben Fysiotherapie
A ge Water 20
Schinveld, Limburg 6451 CD

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Ik ben Eveline Roberts en ik werk in een eerstelijns fysiotherapie praktijk in Sittard en Schinveld. Naast het werken met patienten EDS, ben ik ook afgestudeerd als oncologiefysiotherapeut en oedeemfysiotherapeut. 8 Jaar geleden kwam ik voor het eerst in aanraking met een patient met Ehlers Danlos en dit heeft mijn interesse gewekt om me meer te verdiepen in de complexiteit van het ziektebeeld. 2 jaar geleden heb ik de ECHO cursus en daarna meerdere andere bijeenkomsten van ECHO bijgewoond. Binnen onze praktijk hebben we 2 ergotherapeuten in dienst, waarvan 1 collega zich ook gespecialiseerd heeft in EDS. Daarnaast werken binnen onze praktijk meerdere gespecialiseerde fysiotherapeuten zoals handfysiotherapeut, kaakfysiotherapeut, manueeltherapeuten, acupuncturist, dryneedlingtherapeut etc., die waar nodig ingezet kunnen worden om een multidisciplinaire aanpak te bewerkstellingen.

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Patricia Stott, DPT, PT, MS, ATC, CHT (Telehealth)
Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness, Physical Therapy, Reiki

Elevation Wellness
10200 West 44th Ave
Suite 139
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

This professional is a member of the International Consortium on EDS, HSD, and Related Disorders.

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I offer Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness, Physical Therapy, ReikiWe focus on overall health and wellness for the individual with EDS in examining overall systemic inflammation (especially due to underlying chronic viral issues, tick borne illnesses, and mold exposure), treating with a natural approach to restore well being. Our practice provides a good deal of education to the patient to assist in long term management of HSD/EDS and associated conditions, while focusing on individualized treatment plans.

I also am a telehealth provider outside of my state, internationally as needed. I can work with English-speaking patients only at this time as I do not have a translator.

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