International Consortium Peer Review Membership Agreement

Please read through the agreement, and signify your assent as requested. In consideration of membership in The International Consortium on Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Related Disorders (“EDSIC”), I warrant and agree as follows:

  1. I acknowledge that as a member of EDSIC, I have had and will have access to Confidential Information.
  2. I shall at all times hold confidential all research, data, conversations, communications, writings, memorandums, patient information, personal health and medical information, donor information, research funding, unpublished campaigns, as well as Developments (as hereinafter defined) related to EDSIC (collectively, “Confidential Information”).
  3. I understand that all EDSIC meetings, both virtual and in person, will be kept confidential and that no part shall be shared or discussed outside of those authorised.
  4. I shall not disclose any Confidential Information or Developments to any person or entity outside EDSIC, except as authorized by the Steering Committee. This provision shall not apply to any Confidential Information or Developments that EDSIC has voluntarily disclosed to the public or has otherwise legally entered the public domain.
  5. I shall use Confidential Information and Developments only for the sole benefit of EDSIC and to the extent necessary to perform my duties. On no occasion will I use Confidential Information or Developments for my personal interest or advantage, for any business purpose or for any purpose other than EDSIC.
  6. I understand that if I breach this Agreement, the Steering Committee, in its sole discretion, may terminate my membership in, and otherwise remove me from, EDSIC.
  7. My obligations under this Agreement shall survive the termination of my relationship with EDSIC irrespective of the duration of my relationship or the reasons for the termination.

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