I’d rather NOT be here today

Posted May 11, 2016

(Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

Dear Dr’s, Physio’s, OT’s and GP’s,

Look and learn and understand please.

Don’t judge me or turn your face away

I don’t wish to be a patient in the N.H.S today.

I’d rather be out,

Fulfilling my life.

Than sitting in waiting rooms,

Just ‘cause of the roll of a dice.

Which has left me in pain,

Again and again.

As my body can’t stand it,

And I begin to wane.

Whether young or old, it doesn’t care

It affects many people who are not aware.

EDS is the problem that I have,

It targets every system, even when I go to the lav!

With dislocations, fatigue, swallowing and breathing

EDS leaves my body tired and heaving.

When my body yet again fails to play,

EDS takes over and mars my way.

I’d rather NOT be here today

But my body says I’ve got to stay.

So please be understanding, and help in any way

Check “Ehlers-Danlos Society”, today.

Your specialist input helps me get through the day,

So maybe, just maybe I won’t have to stay!


Rebecca Allison (Staff nurse, Hull and East Yorkshire trust)

and Emily Allison EDS Sufferers

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